Service Based DAO’s

Josip Vlah
2 min readSep 29, 2022

This year we are seeing more and more service based DAO’s being created within the space.

Design Credits: Subexit

I went down a bit of a rabbit hole and realised I am just scratching the surface of this future based creative model.

So whats the service DAO?
Think of it as a collective of artists, copy-writers, designers, developers etc.. who take on projects together on different clients. Client pays the service fee to the DAO treasury and the treasury is allocated to the DAO Members in correspondence of their work.

Essentially creating a decentralised pool of talent ready to tackle specific challenge in their respective fields.

One of the biggest Service based DAO’s is currently VectorDAO.

VectorDAO specializes in development and design of complex Crypto Protocols and DApps.

Some of their clients include Coinbase, Hashflow and others.

Recently there was a launch of another service focused DAO. 5AM.

5AM is a creative service DAO which is developing a community of talented creatives in the fields of motion design, augmented reality, graphic and print etc..

Created by Marvin Schwaibold, Johnny Slack & Others 5AM is rethinking creative collaboration and redefining the business model crafted by design agencies in the past.

Some of the clients of 5AM include: FlamingoDAO, Tribute Labs & others.

Why I think Service based DAO’s will refine how we look at traditional service models.

Enabling and building collaborative community of likeminded freelancers which are pushing the boundaries of traditional.

Treasury allocation accounting to the amount of contribution to the specific project.

Growth tied with emergence of new products and talent in the space.

The FWA we are waiting for u :)