Quick Breakdown of the BrightMoment’s DAO

Josip Vlah
1 min readSep 29, 2022

Cannot express how much I absolutely love what Bright Moments is doing in the digital art space.

Bright Moments is an innovative take on the bridge between the traditional galley and the DAO. They support art exhibitions from world-renowned digital artists and each location they open up attendees are able to mint CryptoCitizens NFT which serve as the governing body of the DAO.

The goal is to create 10 premiere galleries around the world with 1000 CryptoCitizens per each gallery.

Couple of days ago they have opened their fourth location in London, touching down on the UK soil.

Learn more about the CryptoLondoners.

What started as a small room-sized gallery in the Venice Beach, LA turned into a world-renowned gallery shaping the future of digital art.

Absolutely amazing take on the innovation, creativity and immersive experiences looking forward to numerous other drops team will conduct.