It’s a CC0 World & NFT’s are on it.

Josip Vlah
2 min readDec 17, 2022

It’s a CC0 world. Let’s dive deeper.

CC0 stands for Creative Commons Zero, which in terms means no copyright reserved.

This implies that if the project’s rights are CC0 they are essentially public domain and everybody can fork the project and create derivatives on it.

When it comes to web3, CC0 started to gain a lot of traction during the 2022 year.

Firstly, we need to mention Nouns here. Being one of the main drivers of the CC0 scene in the past year the project has proven what can be done if you give the users ability to fork and build on it.

With the CC0 model Nouns community has created numerous derivatives on the project ranging from GnarsDAO, SharkDAO, UglyDAO, LilNounsDAO, LostNouns, and more.

Moreover, team behind the DeGods and y00ts which is build upon Solana Labs have created SNounsDAO responsible for proliferating the Nouns on the Solana Ecosystem.

Furthermore, this year we saw a somewhat of a controversial switch on the Moonbirds side. Where the team at Proof Collective announced that Moonbird project is going to be fully under the CC0 licence model.

I say controversial, because nobody from the community was given a chance to vote on the fact.

Furthermore, we saw numerous renowned digital artists going full-on CC0 model starting with XCOPY and Gremplin.

This essentially enabled projects, artists and brands to create derivate work on top of the artists work without the IP infringement.

Now when it comes to the CC0 as a whole I look at it from the perspective of scaling abilities.

Within the team, you always have an x number of employees in-charge of the creative direction and product development of the particular project. If the project is a on-chain DAO then you also have x number of investors in-charge of directing the project.

Now, If the project is the CC0 the doors open for immense talent from all over the world to build upon your project, create new ways of interaction and onboard more users into the derivative ecosystem of the project which essentially gives opportunities on a large scale for the main project.

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