6529 — Path to the Open Metaverse: Quick Breakdown.

Josip Vlah
2 min readSep 29, 2022

6529 Introduced OM on April 14th.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the future of Scalable Metaverse.

First things first, to open the full potential of Metaverse we need massive adoption. 10k / 100k Plots of land are not sufficient enough for the long-term goals.

Here comes OM. -> Decentralized Open Metaverse which is able to be scaled to 100M users. 10 distinct Mega Cities of 10M users where each of the cities will have its own suburbs, towns, villages, and other attractions.

Districts and the cities will be either developer or open, meaning some of them will be built by the team behind the OM such as a 6529 Museum District while others will be open to the imagination of builders from all walks of life.

An important thing to note, this is not a take on the land sale, everybody is welcome to join, build and contribute to the project. As noted by the 6529 itself: “We need the freedom to make mistakes (and fix them) without impacting people’s economic interests.”

So what does this mean?
OM will, through community development, open doors to millions of users around the world while working fully as a decentralized ecosystem.

I am blown away by the vision of 6529. No crowd-funding, full transparency, and ambition to take this to new heights. Gm OM.

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