4 Questions for brands entering the Web3.

Josip Vlah
2 min readNov 18, 2022

I talk with brands which want to enter the web3 space on a day 2 day basis. And every single time I asked them 4 questions in one form or another.

  1. When do we plan to start.

This seems blatantly simple on the first glimpse but web3 space is high paced. Meaning the start of the strategy is important. I give us a start entrance and also give us the scope of the playground we are working with.

2. What’s the end goal and when?

Is the end-goal a small POAP based activation or are they thinking long term about the web3 space and if they are thinking about long-term based activation when do they want to reach certain KPI’s?

3. What is the community you are trying to reach?

Is the strategy revolving around web3 natives or is it revolving around your existing customer base which are not as much familiar with the web3 space to begin with but you see that they are willing to explore.

4. How do we reach the end goal?

What is the frame of flexibility of a particular brand? For example, some brands might not be interested in spinning off a separate entity revolving around DAO activations while others might be.

And with those questions (+ some others which come naturally depending on the conversation) we get quality information which directly relates to the graph below.

Now to explain the graph.

You have a start, you have an end. With that data you have a timeline of x.

Now, as we know, web3 is interchangeable and consisting of numerous different technologies and the candles represent these technologies.

Stacks ranging from Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual Spaces, Strategic Partnerships, Digital Fashion, Virtual Influencers, Creative Artificial Intelligence all come down to the timeline and they in term directly correlate with the Web3 native tech stack based on blockchain.

With that in place, you have a strategy which is dependent on the data from the client (brand) but also you are utilizing technologies and have a time-frame to innovate even more if another creative technology comes along.

If you enjoyed this, share it, spread it. I would love to see more brands looking from this perspective.